Friday, January 15, 2016

49ers Have a New Coach: Welcome Chip Kelly?

So unfortunately for the 49ers Sean Peyton decided to stay with the Saints and not look for a different coaching job but instead we got Chip Kelly. Now I am not quite sure what I think about it and whether or not I am happy with this choice. I have to say though I am much happier with Chip then I would have been with Mike Shanahan. I think that he might be a good fit for the Niners, definitely a much better fit then Jim Tomsula, why we even hired him in the first place I have absolutely no idea.  Tomsula was the worst thing that could have happened to the Niners last year, I think that Trent Baalke has gone insane and has no idea what he is doing to the Niners.

Now back to Chip Kelly, he could work, I liked his offense at Oregon and he did do a good job the first two years in Philly so maybe he could be good for us. He does like an up beat, fast paced offense which does work well with the players we have and that has always been a good thing for the Niners as we have done well with the fast pace. Now I hope Chip never becomes the GM of the team as that is where everything tends to go wrong with him. He needs to stay the coach of the team and focus on coaching not on creating a team. So we shall see what happens this year and since I will be back in the Bay I may try to go to a game and see how he does in person. I will keep you all updated with my views over this off season and the beginning of the season.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Last night the NFL Owners voted to send the now former St. Louis Rams to LA and to allow the San Diego Chargers to workout a lease deal with the Rams to also join them in LA.  So potentially next year there may be two NFL teams in LA where there were none.  I honestly never thought that the Rams would be the team that the owners voted to initiate the move to LA since they had a fairly good thing going on in St. Louis and the fans where there. Yet their owner was very vocal about wanting to move and had made the post progress towards getting a stadium built in LA. 

The Raiders fans have lucked out and will be staying in Oakland, I can only think of what would have happened if they had moved.  Personally I believe that the owners were scared of the fans in Oakland and decided that the fans of the Rams and Chargers would be easier to handle then the fans of Oakland.  Next year will be interesting with at least one team in LA and it will change a few things in terms of travel for teams.  I'm intrigued to see if this move will work and if LA can be a viable football city.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Alex Ovechkin Scores his 500th NHL Goal

This may not be the best photo taken last night right after Ovie scored his 500th goal but I took this photo and thus had to use it for the blog.  I honestly can't believe that quite possibly my last NHL game in DC was such a historic game and that I was able to be there when Ovechkin became the first Russian born hockey player to hit 500 goals and he is the 5th fastest at 801 games.  The game was so electric and everyone there just knew that history was going to happen on home ice.

The Caps took an early 2-0 lead in the 1st period and it honestly was never a question of whether or not the Caps were going to win but by how much.  The Caps went up 4-1 in the second period and I started to get a bit scared but you could tell that every time he had the puck he was going for number 500 after scoring two against the Rangers to get to 499. 500 was such a classic Ovie goal, it was on a power play and he just shot it and it went in.  The stadium erupted in loud cheers and a standing ovation, the entire team cleared the bench to celebrate with him and it honestly took about 5 minutes before the game could resume.  I do feel bad for Ottawa that the game ended up being 7-1 and it was such a big blowout win for the Caps but they have been playing so amazing this season and they are just on fire.  Knocking on wood but I have a good feeling about this Caps team and their chances in the playoffs.  I have such a strong feeling that I'm debating getting NHL Center Ice so I can watch my Caps play once I move back home to San Francisco.  I honestly still can't believe I was at the game last night.  Thank you Ovie for giving this fan what she needed when she needed as a going away present.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Redskins in the Playoffs

Tomorrow starts the playoffs for football and one major surprise is that the Redskins are in the playoffs and have the home field advantage over the Packers, definitely not what anyone expected going into the season.  First off no one expected the Redskins to be contenders in the NFC East especially with Kirk Cousins at the helm and the way the season started.  Yet the second half of the season Kirk Cousins exploded and since Week 7, Cousins lead the NFL in completion percentage (72.4), yards per attempt (8.7) and touchdown-to-interception ratio (23 TDs, three INTs).  This guy is peaking at the right time and the Redskins do have a chance of winning this game and advancing to the second round of playoffs and maybe even to the NFC Championship game.  Honestly I wouldn't rule out the Redskins right now even though they are an 9-7 team.  They have the fire right now and they are peaking at the right time.

Now the Redskins are playing the Packers who are a historically good team and they do have Aaron Rodgers who is phenomenal and one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now. Unfortunately the Packers are on a two game losing streak and have been falling apart slightly the past few weeks. Now this game is up to anyone and I honestly can't predict how the game will go tomorrow.  It can go either way though I have to give the slight edge to the Redskins right now but the Packers will bring it and I expect this to be a great game tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Monday, January 4, 2016

49ers Fire Head Coach

I have to say that this is not at all a surprise for me to see Jim Tomsula gone after one season as the Head Coach of the 49ers.  This season has been rocky to say the least and us fans are happy to see it over.  I was thrilled when they won last night to at least end the season on a win but this entire season has been so heartbreaking that I haven't even worn my jersey in probably 2 months.  Living on the East Coast makes not watching games pretty easy and hopefully next year we will be better. 

I think that Jed York realized that they screwed up in firing Jim Harbaugh and now are looking for someone who is just as passionate about football as he is.  I hope that the rumors are true and that we may end up getting Sean Payton as our Coach and that if that happens we might be able to get Drew Brees as our quarterback.  I know this may be a pipe dream right now but you never know what can happen.  I will keep everyone informed as the coaching changes are made.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good Bye 2015 Hello 2016

I wanted to write one last post this year thanking you all for reading my blog and sticking with me as I had a 2 and a half year absence from writing.  I really enjoy thinking of posts for this blog and to keep people updated with my thoughts and views on my favorite teams.  I know the blog tends to be mainly about my favorite teams like the Warriors, the Capitals, the 49ers and many more but it is always easier to write about what you know.  This has been a very interesting year for me and one that I am thankful will be over.

2015 has been a year of highs and lows for me both personally and in the sports world.  It seems like my life has mirrored some of my teams but that is life.  I know this post is not quite sports oriented but I hope you all bear with me as I say good bye to 2015 and the life I led on the East Coast as I will be moving to San Francisco in the new year.  Watching the Warriors win the NBA Championship and bring back the trophy to the Bay Area was one of my favorite high lights of 2015.  Hopefully 2016 will also be the year of the Warriors as well as the Giants and for the DC fans the year of the Capitals.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Great Weekend for DC Sports

On Saturday it was Frank Beamer's last game as the Head Coach of Virginia Tech and what a game it was.  It was the highest ever scoring Independence Day Bowl game ever and it all came down to Tech's defense to keep the win alive.  I may not be the biggest fan of Tech and right now it may be a bit hard to root for Tech especially as that is my ex-boyfriend's favorite College team but there is no denying what Beamer has done for college football and what a wonderful coach he has been for the past 29 years at Virginia Tech.  I am glad that I was able to watch his last game and that it was thrilling though I do wish it had been less close and had not had to come down to the final drive of Tulsa.  I wish Frank Beamer all the luck in the world in his future endeavors and I do hope that Justin Fuente will be able to do great things for Tech.  I will be following from the West Coast just not quite as closely as I once did.

On to the other news of the weekend for DC Sports there was a trifecta of wins on Saturday when the Wizards, Caps and Redskins all won on the same day.  The Redskins have clinched the NFC North and will be in the playoffs with a first round home game which considering that no one thought the Redskins would even make into the playoffs let alone be contending is pretty amazing for DC.  The Caps are on a 7 game win streak and are in first place in the East and in second over all for the NHL.  The way that the Caps have been playing is pretty phenomenal and they are quite possibly playing the best that I have ever seen them play.  I am really excited to watch them this season and I hope that they do well in the playoffs.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.