Wednesday, September 16, 2015

49ers: Monday Night Football

On Monday night the NFL season officially started for the San Francisco 49ers and the world watched to see what this new look team would be like after a disastrous offseason that saw the defense be riddled with question marks and we also saw Frank Gore leave to be with the Colts.  I can honestly say that I wasn't sure what to expect from this team and from the new Head Coach Tomsula as I have been such a big fan of Jim Harbaugh and was truly devastated when he was let go by the team.  But at least for one game my fears were unfounded.  The Niners played with the same physicality that had been the back bone of the team for the past 4 years.  They kept the Vikings from scoring a touchdown and kept them to only one field goal as well as keeping Adrian Peterson to 31 rushing yards.

On the offense we saw Carlos Hyde truly break out and score 2 rushing touchdowns and rush for 168 yards.  He had the best rushing game of any rusher in week 1.  Now while we did see Carlos Hyde and Kaepernick play well, we did also see the offense make some horrible mistakes and commit penalty's that cost them scoring opportunities such as in the first drive when the Niners had the chance for a touchdown but then committed a penalty that set them back to a 1st and 20 and had to settle for a field goal attempt that ended up being blocked.  Neither team scored until late in the 2nd quarter.  While I am optimistic for the Niners to have a decent season I'm still not going to assume a great season and honestly I'm hoping for an ok season and this to be the start to better things in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

US Open Women's Final

I know this post is a day late but I have still been processing the final of the US Open for the Women.  Yesterday history was made but it wasn't the history that everyone thought it would be but still it was history.  Yesterday the first ever Italian woman won the US Open and she was the oldest first time winner as well.  Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci did the improbable by beating the #1 and #2 ranked players to get to the final and I am so happy for them.  I love Italy and I always want the country to do well and I root for the underdog when it comes to sports well sometimes.  Yet Flavia played an amazing game to win and on Friday Roberta Vinci played the game of her life when she beat Serena in 3 sets.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

NFL: The Start of the New Season

Today marks the beginning of the 2015 NFL season and I personally think that it will be a fairly interesting season especially as the off season has proven to be a virtual bed of gossip and fodder.  Tonight we will see Tom Brady suit up against the Steelers in what prior to this past weeks ruling on deflategate was actually supposed to be an easier game for the Steelers.  Now knowing how the NFL works I am more than certain that the Steelers prepared for the possibility of either quarterback.  We could potentially see Michael Vick play for the Steelers tonight as he is the new back up for the team.

I am personally excited for Monday Night as the Niners have the late game and I don't have work on Tuesday so I will not feel bad about staying up to watch the game.  I am intrigued to see what the game will be like and what the new look Niners will do.  I will post a detailed recap on Tuesday about my thoughts about the team and what I hope will happen for the season, though to be honest I am not to excited for this year as it is a rebuilding year.

Another interesting team to watch will be the Browns as they still have Johnny Manziel on the team and he is not the starter, Josh McCown is the starter.  Already we have seen some Suck for Cardale signs much as there were suck for luck signs with the Colts the year Peyton was out with after his neck surgery.  I think that the Browns are in for another rebuilding year though it seems that they are always rebuilding.

I do want to see how Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston do this year though I have higher hopes for one over the other.  I do hope that Winston settles down and becomes a true player vs a child who just got everything handed to him which is what he was like all through out his time at Florida State.  We shall see what happens to him and to Mariota this year.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Redskins: RG3 and His Status with the Redskins

This offseason for the Redskins seems like it has been made for a reality television show, it has been one big will they or won't they when it comes to RG3.  The first story line was will they pick up his 5th year option and they did but it was much later then the rest of his draft class.  RG3 is an enigma when it comes to the NFL, he was amazing his first year but suffered an injury and he never fully recovered.  Since then he hasn't been able to play a full year and has looked to regress every year that he has been in the NFL.  Now some of this can be put on the shoulders of the front office and the coaching staff of the Redskins as they have changed and the fact that Dan Snyder seems to put his nose into every aspect of his team when he doesn't really have a clue as to what to do.

The other aspect of this reality show that is the Redskins is that RG3 comes out and says things that really he should not be saying like how he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.  Now he might be in pure talent but the past few years he has not been on the same level as half of the quarterbacks in the league and his saying that invites people to take shots at him and makes any bad game even worse in the minds of the fans.  What he needs to do is be quite and put his head down and start improving, he needs to be more like Kaepernick who has been very quiet this off season with all of the drama that is surrounding the Niners.

RG3 has lost his starting job to Kirk Cousins who has played a bit better then him in the past few years and there is speculation that he may not be with the Redskins much longer.  I personally believe that he does need to part ways and find another team where he can have a fresh start as his welcome has been worn out in DC.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

49ers: One Girl's thoughts on a sad offseason

This has been quite the off season for the 49ers and as a fan I have watched some of my favorite players leave the team after what can only be described as a tumultuous 2014 season.  I think this may actually be the first ever off season where I have actively tried to avoid reading about the Niners because I couldn't take any more heart ache and dismantling of my beloved team.  The Niners broke my heart when they let go Jim Harbaugh and let him go to Michigan, I loved his enthusiasm and truly believed and still do believe that he is the right fit for this team.  He energized a fan base that had languished in obscurity and he brought greatness back to a city which now maybe doesn't quite need it when it comes to sports.

I only cannot believe that the Niners lost Frank Gore this offseason and right after I bought his jersey because I truly believed he would be a Niner for life, I had been wavering between him and Vernon Davis but went with Gore because I liked him just a bit more.  I will still be wearing his jersey and with pride for all that he had accomplished for us.  Do not get me started on our defense as it seems like we lost absolutely everyone and I can't tell you who we lost because I think I have created a memory block so I will not have to accept the pain and suffering that this year will bring.  One good thing is we do have Reggie Bush and I really hope he will perform and do well for us this year.  I will post more about the Niners once I watch a game and see what has happened to my team with a new coach and it seems like a brand new team.

I hope you enjoyed my post and will keep following my love affair with sports.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner where do you even start with him.  He is probably one of the strongest pitchers in the league right and now and not only can he pitch but he can hit the ball too.  It honestly seems like there is nothing that he can't do.

I remember watching him in the World Series last year and he was the starting pitcher for game 5 and he pitched a complete game becoming the first ever pitcher to record a complete game shut out in the World Series and then 2 days later he pitched 5 innings to save the game and give the Giants their third pennant in 5 years.  He is a beast and I love watching him play and to see the passion in him when he is on both sides of the bat.  There is something that is quite refreshing to see in Madison as he is a strong pitcher but that is not enough for him, he wants to be a strong batter too.  This is truly visible when you look at his stats he has hit 3 home runs this year and last year he hit a grand slam, these stats are not typical of a pitcher.

Madison Bumgarner is epitome of what I look for in a professional athlete.  I want them to be passionate about the game and strive to be the best that they can be and not worry about the money or the fame, for him it is all about the game and nothing more.  He seems like a person who when you meet them outside of the baseball diamond he would be ready to throw down and enjoy a couple of beers with you but if it was game day then watch out because he is so determined to be the best he can be and ready for anything that might be needed.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will continue following my love affair with sports.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

MLB: National League vs American League which is better

After recently going to a Giants vs. Brewers game with my boyfriend and my little sister I have decided to write a post about why I think that the National League is the purer form of baseball.
The one difference between the two leagues is the position of the designated hitter.  In the National League there is no designated hitter and thus the Pitcher has to hit where as in the American League they can have a washed up player who still may have some power in him continue playing way past his prime just to pad his career number.

I personally think that the everyone who is playing has to be able to hit, I know that Pitchers aren't the best hitters but if the National League didn't have its rule then how would fans be able to witness something as amazing as Madison Bumgarner hitting home runs and grand slams.  Here is a player who wants to be successful on both sides of the ball and if we all played with the American League rules then we wouldn't have the ability to see something so amazing.

On the other hand one thing I can give the American League with the designated hitter rule is that it does make the game a bit more interesting as you can field a team where there are 9 great hitters.  This does make the game higher scoring and gives fans more of show. While I can understand the performance aspect of the designated hitter I personally enjoy the pure form of the game vs. the showmanship that is the designated hitter.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will keep following my love affair with sports.