Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fantasy Football: Week 1 recap

Well this first week of Fantasy did not quite go as well as I would have hoped it would.  I ended up losing my first ever match up and honestly it was due to some miscalculations on my part.  I decided against starting Randy Moss even though I knew he used to be a great player and I benched Cobb from Green Bay.  If I had started those two my score would have been much better but that is now in the past. 

My first player that had a game was Hakeem Nicks of the Giants and I had such high hopes for him, and yet in the Giants loss to the Cowboys, he was obsolete and I feel like he set the tone for my week.  I did have some amazing plays and some people who outperformed their projected points so I can't be to upset with week 1.  I just know that I need to do some more research and keep ahead of the game.

As already mentioned in my previous post David Akers was the MVP of the 49ers win and he was the MVP of my fantasy team, he outscored his projections and gave me a bit of hope.  Though ok and now I say this knowing my boyfriend won't really like what I'm about to type but I actually had high hopes for Michael Vick as my starting QB and what did he do he threw 4 interceptions which lost me at least 4 points and yes while he did make his projection in points it should have been higher and he should have done better.  I'm still debating starting him next week, he may get a second trial and then I will switch if he doesn't play to his potential.

Also I'm not to happy with LeSean McCoy, he should have had more points but no he started off with a fumble that lost me 2 points and he had to fight back to get to positive.  While he did give me some points and 11 points isn't to shabby I was expecting more.  I know this post is me griping about my first week but I am happy and I have realized that now starting on Thursday and going til Monday I will be obsessed with Fantasy and will be constantly checking the match up to see how I did.

I hope you all enjoy this post and keep following my love affair with sports.

Monday, September 10, 2012

FOOTBALL FOOTBALL: The Season is Upon Us

Clearly I'm insanely happy that it's that time of year again and that football is back in my life.  Now to be fair give me College Basketball too and then I will be in heaven.  But tonight will end Week 1 and tomorrow I will have an update about my fantasy football team.  This post is about the highlights of what has happened so far.

Starting off with a game that was televised at 1pm the New Orleans Saints vs the Washington Redskins.  Let's be honest who really thought that the Redskins were going to win and win in such a dramatic fashion, I certainly didn't and I certainly thought that while RGIII was going be awesome he wasn't going to go 8-8 to start off and have a 88 yard touch down pass but this all happened and maybe just maybe I might have been wrong about my prediction for the season where I though they weren't going to do better then 8-8 or maybe 9-7 with no playoff berth but you never know.  With this win we might be seeing a new and way more improved Redskins offense or it could have been a fluke.  We shall see I'm going with they are improving and they do still have quite a lot to improve on such as their defense but it is much better then last year and they did beat the Saints, though they are without their Head Coach Sean Payton due to the bounty scandal but let's see what happens to the Saints this year.  This was a great game for RGIII and the Redskins, a job very well done.

 Next up we have the 4:25 game which was the San Francisco 49ers vs the Green Bay Packers and man was this a game just like the game prior, this game was one for the books and an instant classic in my eyes.  All off season people have been saying, no way can the 49ers come back and repeat what they did in 2011 and no way will they be just as strong.  Well I think the score of 30-22 silenced the critics.  The 49ers came into Lambeau and made it there's.  Last year Aaron Rodger's and his Packers were behind in the score for about 3 minutes the entire season and this time they were behind for most of the game and the 49ers defense made Rodgers through a pick.  While Alex Smith was beyond amazing and hasn't thrown an interception is 185 passes which sets a 49er record. I think the true highlight goes to David Akers pictured on your left who made a 63 yard field goal as the clock wound down in the first half.  This was the statement field goal for the 49ers because the ball hit the goal post and instead of bouncing back out actually bounced in and gave us the points.  I know that I jumped up and screamed when that kick was made.  It was the most amazing thing I had seen.  This was a game of many wonderful aspects as Moss was terrific in his debut and showed that he hasn't lost any of his toughness.

 I was going to talk about Peyton Manning and his debut as a Bronco but I may put that in tomorrow's post because this one has gotten too long already.  I hope you all enjoyed this post and keep following my love affair with sports.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fantasy Football: Breaking Down my own team

Tonight was the draft for my fantasy football league and the very first thing I have to say is that after constantly telling my boyfriend Phil that I wouldn't draft Michael Vick that he wouldn't be on my team, what happened I ended up with Vick as my starting QB.  Now I do have to say I'm not to sad about this but I find it incredibly funny that by protesting so much I ended up with him.  Granted I ended up with Vick because all of my other top choices were taken.  I do have two pretty solid QB's in Vick and in Alex Smith, so I'm really happy with what I have at QB.  Though still Michael Vick, well what can a girl do but now root for Vick to play really well and if he ever has a bad game well then I will be moving to Smith.

Now at Running back I have LeSean McCoy also from the Eagles and from what I hear having Vick and LeSean McCoy is every fantasy football teams wish and they are a great combo so in this I say ok great I'm glad I have Vick just to give me the points with McCoy.  I honestly don't know much about him but from everything I've heard he's an amazing player and I'm happy I got him.  My other starting running back is Beanie Wells and he plays for the Cardinals now I do also have Cedric Benson so I will see what happens after week one and if I need to change starting running backs. So far I'm happy with my team.

Now I got lucky and got my first choice kicker and second choice defense.  The kicker is non other then David Akers from the 49ers because clearly he score points and he can make his kicks and is one the main reasons the 49ers did amazing last year so please Akers give me the same thing for the 2012 season.  For the defense I got the Green Bay Packers defense and hell yeah I'm excited because I love Green Bay's defense and Clay Matthews maybe a personal favorite of mine so I can't be too upset at getting them actually not at all.

Well that's all I'm going to break down tonight, tomorrow will be round 2 of the break down.  I hope you enjoyed this post and keep following my love affair with sports.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fantasy Football: A girl's first time

This year I'm actually participating in a fantasy football league and I'm really excited and nervous at the same time.  I've never actually been in one before and I hope that I draft some amazing players and can actually do well.  Most people including my boyfriend think that due to my love and knowledge of sports I'm going to be amazing at fantasy and that I will dominate the field.  But from what I've gathered fantasy football isn't about quite the knowledge but some what about the luck of the draft draw.

So because this is my first year I'm doing some research because I can't just draft everyone from the 49ers and not going to lie, much as I love my team there are only a few players I would actually want to draft because fantasy is about the points a player can give you and not about the over all team so sorry Alex Smith unless I'm desperate I'm not drafting you.  Also I've learned that you should draft a running back with your first pick and not a QB as they are the cream of the crop for points, and I have a few in mind but will be spending a great portion of tonight finalizing who I want and what players will be the best Runing backs.  I already know who my top two picks are for QB but sorry until the draft I won't say who I want in case anyone reads it who is in my league. 

I'm really hoping this will be fun and will give me a new way to enjoy football this season because I do live on the East Coast and it is really hard to find places to watch the 49ers play.  So this will get me to watch the games of my fantasy team and thus hope that they have great games and give me the points and for the 49ers to win as many games as possible and somewhat recreate the magic of last season.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and keep following my love affair with sports.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olympic Wrap Up

Well what a two weeks we have had with these Olympics.  Memories were made and athletes broke records. Two weeks of sports brought together over 200 nations as they competed in events ranging from swimming to handball to track and field.  For two weeks people forgot about everything else going on in the world and focused on the blessing that is the Olympics. 

The history of the Olympics is amazing and if you go back to the ancient Olympics, yes I am talking about the ones held in Greece way back in the day when only men competed and it was before the common era.  If you do go back in time, you notice that even back then the games were something special.  There was always a truce in place during the games, a time when athletes were able to safely get to Athens and compete and safely make it home.  This is why I love the games because for me it isn't about the medal count, though if you ask Phil, then yes it about the medal count and having the USA do the best with Russia being a close second.  Yet in all honesty it's more then that, it's a time when I can watch these athletes compete at a high level and strive to win a medal that they have worked so hard for.

For me my favorite moments of the Olympics wasn't when Michael Phelps broke the record to become the athlete with the most medals, though don't get me wrong I do love Michael Phelps and that was amazing but for me it was when Kieren Behan and Oscar Pistorius competed in the Olympics. Both of these men had such inspiring stories of how they got to the Olympics. 

Kieren was one of I believe it was two Irish gymnasts to compete in the Olympics.  He came from being told that he would never compete again due to staggering injuries that he suffered at a gymnastics meet and yet here he was at the Olympic games and while he may have not medaled, he won just by being there and just by competing at the Olympics.

Here we have Oscar Pistorius and clearly everyone can see what makes him so special to the Olympics. He was the first person ever to compete in the Olympics as a double amputee and the mark he has made on the sport will never be discounted.  He made it to the semi-finals of the 400m race and the final of the 4x400m race.  The fact that he has been able to compete is amazing for the Olympics and I can't wait until Rio when he will be back and hopefully get a medal this time around.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and keep following my love affair with sports.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blog Post for the 16th Street JCC blog about the Olympics

Today for my job at the DC JCC, I have started to contribute to their blog.  So today please head over to this link to read my newest post.  Be ready for tomorrow another in depth look at the Olympics.


I hope you enjoy this post and keep following my love affair with sports

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Update #1: The Opening Ceremonies and Day 1

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things.  This line from one of my favorite poems from Alice in Wonderland really does epitomize what this post will be about because there are so many things to discuss after just two days of the Olympics.  From the Opening Ceremonies to swimming to basketball to gymnastics and many other sports that had competitions yesterday.  Until August 12th I love NBC and my TV is constantly on NBC because I get a chance to just sit and watch sports and people understand when I say that I can't do anything because I just want to watch the Olympics.  It's a time period when everyone indulges in their inner sports fan to the fullest.

To the Opening Ceremonies, there were quite a few touching moments and some moments that were a little bit strange but over all I really liked it, it was simple and moving and brought out the best of British Culture.  I figured that these opening ceremonies weren't going to be as extravagant as Beijing and if England had tried, it would have been a major disaster.  It was elegant and thought out.  I can't lie and say that it wasn't awesome to have the Queen being escorted by Bond, James Bond and having them jump out of a plane, though I am certain that was a stunt double of the Queen.  The dance numbers were poignant and showed many different aspects of British culture but there were some glaring emissions from the dance number that showed favorite British literature references such as CS Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia.  I'm sorry when I think British literature those are the first books that come to mind.  The march of Nations is always entertaining and its nice to see the athletes from all over the world marching in.  Though don't have your drunk roommate watch it with you if you're on a date because then he will start talking about how hot all of the female athletes are which can be somewhat uncomfortable.  Yes this is speaking from experience, as it happened to me on Friday; yet he was right and there are a lot of gorgeous male and female athletes.  My favorite part of the opening Ceremonies was when they light the cauldron and used young athletes to light it and every nation had brought in their own torch so the flame was a combination of all of the different nations coming together as one for this Olympic games.  I really loved it and loved the symbolic attributes of it.

Alright after that somewhat long discussion about the Opening Ceremonies let's move on the meat of the Olympics the actual games and events.  Yesterday I enjoyed a day of watching sports and sports and more sports.  It was sports lovers dream.  I got to watch the USA beat Croatia in basketball, the men do amazing in the preliminary rounds of Gymnastics and so much more.  I love it all and I can never decide what I want to watch more.  There were some upsets yesterday like Michael Phelps not medaling in the 400 IM but from what I remember of him in the trials was that he wasn't strong in the IM and thus I'm not really surprised that he wasn't going to win though not medaling is somewhat surprising but don't discount Phelps he will medal and he still has 6 other events.

The gymnastics was so amazing to watch especially the story of the Irish gymnast who suffered so much and made it to the Olympics as only one of two male gymnasts for Ireland.  I almost started crying when he made his mistakes because I really wanted him to qualify for the medal rounds on floor but he said it himself that he was just happy making it to the Olympics because of all that he went through.  This year we did also see the fall of the Chinese and the Japanese after the first round and how they were proven to be human in the Olympics.  I really want to see the Americans win team gold and for the British to do well as well.  I haven't yet seen the Russian men and I know that they are usually contenders as well for the gymnastics and I do want to see them.

So this post has been very long but I hope you all enjoyed it and keep following my love affair with sports.